Welcome to the download page of the FFT-based binaural panner.

Here you will find the latest version of the panner. For earlier versions, please contact me directly.

Click link below, to download the zipped package folder. Note that this file is quite large because it contains all the subject HRTF matrix files.

FFT-based binaural (version 4.0, June 2020, ~6.36GB)

Changes in version 4, compared to version 3:

  • Now structured as a package for Max with better documentation and help patchers.
  • Subject HRTF matrix files are now combined for left and right ear (data in separate matrix planes).
  • The data in HRTF matrix files are offset (compared to earlier versions) which means that the first and last elevation in matrix now equals a straight downward rotation of the azimuth semi-circle.
  • The jit.matrix files now have the file ending .jit (instead of jxf) which seems to be the new thing.
  • The jit.matrix object is now embedded within the panner, and all instances share the same jit.matrix data unless specific @matrix_name is given.
  • Azimuth input is now specified in the range 0-1 and elevation is specified in the range 0-2.
  • An mc version of the panner is now included (as kindly suggested by Simon Rycroft).
  • Name of patcher abstraction is changed to binpan~ (and mc.binpan~).
  • The panner now requires one argument, FFT_window_overlap_factor = Number of overlaps of FFT windows (int, power of two, 4 is recommended for most cases).
  • Subject HRTF matrix file for subject 10 is not included because I noticed that it lacked some data for the right ear (probably an error that I made back in the days when importing from matlab).
  • The Java objects HRTFSubjectMatcher and DirectionAndDistanceHandler are no longer included, both because I am now more skeptical regarding the usefulness of the HRTFSubjectMatcher and because I wanted to get rid of all the Java which might cause issues with Java versions, missing libraries etc.. Also, the DirectionAndDistanceHandler was not really a part of the base functionality.