Multi-region Exporter – for Cubase

The Multi-region Exporter is a small, free standalone application that can make the process of exporting multiple audio regions in a Cubase project easier. Especially if the export process is done more than once, this application can, hopefully, save you some time and frustration.

Note, however, that if you own Cubase Pro 9 or later, you will probably not need this tool because of the built in possibility of doing audio mixdown based on cycle markers. Se for example here.
For earlier versions or non-Pro versions, this tool is still relevant.

You can download it here or read the online documentation here.

The project is open source and the source code can be downloaded at the download page as well.

Note: It must be mentioned that Cubase and Steinberg have nothing to do with the development of this tool and therefore they are in no way responsible for it – its functionality / lack of functionality or for supporting it.