Impossible Junction

Impossible Junction is an installation that Kristian Ross, Marie Møller Jepsen and I developed in the winter of 2009-2010.
In short, it is a traffic regulation in the middle of a pedestrian tunnel at Aarhus University. The pedestrians have to stop for different phenomenons crossing the tunnel in an imaginary intersecting path.
The installation can be seen as an absurd and, hopefully, humorous comment on the way our bodily movement in urban spaces is very restricted and regulated. We have given the supremacy of urban space to big machines (cars) both in terms of physical and auditory space. There is an unequal power relationship between our human body and the machines – something we take for granted today as an inevitable part of modern life…

This video is a short walk-through (literally) of the installation – Kristian explains (in Danish):

Below, you find links to three articles (in Danish). The first one is an article written in the magazine of humanities (HUMmagasinet) about our installation. The second one is our project report and the third is a small paper with reflections on sound and power relations.

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