Elf Scare

In the summer of 2013 we were four guys who met with a plan to make a game in three days.
It resulted in the game Elf Scare – a game where you have to yell really loud at your phone. More specifically, you have to yell at annoying elves that unsuspectingly come walking on a bridge. If your shouts are loud enough, the elves become so scared that they fall off the bridge.

One might think that it is a pretty stupid and useless game. However, I find it interesting how the game breaks into ‘the real world’ and in a (humorous? , annoying?) way challenges the many conventions that are associated with our behaviour in public spaces. There is an absurd contrast between the almost primal, natural screaming and the very civilized (?), non-physical so-called smartphone which is an increasingly important part of our our daily lives, and which mediates a very large part of our communication with the outside world.

The other developers on Elf Scare were Mikkel Maltesen, Sune Hede and Esben Kjær Ravn.

Below you will find the official game trailer.

Here is a link to Elf Scare’s website where you will also find a link to the game in the App Store.

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