Welcome to the download page of the FFT-based binaural panner

Download the newest version here:

  • Package containing the binaural panner and one set of HRTF matrix files (everything necessary for checking it out):
    FFT-based binaral panner v3 – only one HRTF subject.rar (108MB)
    Changes from version 2:
    Includes a subpatch example of how the panner can be used in a system for positioning virtual sound sources.
    The subpatch relies on the java class DirectionAndDistanceHandler which is, of course, included.
    The panner can now also handle a list of both azimuth and elevation in its second inlet (for cases where they always come together).
    Scaling of output from elevation dial is now done outside the panner (since this feature is linked to the dial and not the panner as such).

Optional download of the rest (all) of the HRTF matrix files:


Note! if you get this error: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: javax/vecmath/Tuple3f you will need to download the javax.vecmath jar library here: and then put the unzipped jar file in the lib folder within the java-classes folder. This error is only related to the DirectionAndDistanceHandler which relies on this java library, so if you don’t use that then never mind.
Hopefully I will find time to make some updates to the panner so this will not be needed.


The above download contains the panner in the newest version.
Below, you will find links to earlier versions of the panner (without the HRTF matrix files):

  • Version 2 (280kB)
    Changes from version 1:
    Each panner no longer writes the relevant HRTF into jit.buffer~ objects.
    Instead, they use jit.peek~ inside the pfft~ objects to access the data in the global jit.matrix objects (left and right) directly.


You are free to use the panner as you wish – however…

The FFT-based binaural panner uses the CIPIC HRTF database which is free to use and redistibute on the terms described at the database website.
One of these terms is the inclusion of the database copyright notice: [Copyright (c) 2001 The Regents of the University of California. All Rights Reserved]

It is made to be used with Max (by Cycling ’74) which is licenced under it’s own terms.

Creative Commons licens
FFT-based binaural panner by Jakob Hougaard Andersen is licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.