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Felix The Reaper

Felix The Reaper is a humorous puzzle game (in development) about Death which is inspired by the way the character of Death has been portrayed throughout the history of art. You play the dancing Death, Felix, who has to perform his macabre duty in order to earn the title of Field Reaper. Actually, he doesn’t care so much for taking lives as he does for dancing and for the pretty maiden, Betty, who he really want to impress.

I have been a part of the development team, mainly as a programmer in the various development periods from 2012 to 2019.

Felix The Reaper is produced by Kong Orange, and you can read more about it here:

A Mazing Monk

A Mazing Monk

In May 2009 , I took part in a one-month DADIU production. Along with Rune Thuelund I was an audio designer on the computer game A Mazing Monk. My role was primarily to compose music and to implement sound via Unity3D ‘s GUI and scripts. However, since Unity has changed quite a lot since 2009, the sound implementation we did back then does not always work that well in the updated version. This results, in some cases, in strange audio levels and poor synchronization to the visuals. But with that in mind, feel free to try it out (follow the link).