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Multi-region Exporter – for Cubase

The Multi-region Exporter is a small, free standalone application that can make the process of exporting multiple audio regions in a Cubase project easier. Especially if the export process is done more than once, this application can, hopefully, save you some time and frustration.

I created the tool because I needed it myself for a project where I was working with a lot of foley sounds for a computer game. It is very annoying to export about 30 footstep sounds (including naming them), do some changes and then export them again. And then why not share the tool so that others might benefit from it as well? I think that it makes Cubase a better tool for this kind of projects.

I admit that it is a tool for a very narrow target group since it does only one very specific thing.

It was released in 2016.

It is open source and made with Java and the Eclipse SWT (Standard Widget Toolkit). The actual audio processing is done by SoX, FFMPEG and the LAME mp3 encoder.

I host the project here on this site. You can find it here: https://jakobhandersen.dk/projects/multi-region-exporter/

By the way, I have become aware of two videos about the exporter on YouTube.
The first one is made by Ulf Blomberg who runs the recording studio HoboRec in Jönköping, Sweden.
The second one is in Czech and it’s made by Thomáš Nykl who runs the oToman Studio in Prague.
Thanks to Ulf and Thomáš for these videos.