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A Mazing Monk

A Mazing Monk

In May 2009 , I took part in a one-month DADIU production. Along with Rune Thuelund I was an audio designer on the computer game A Mazing Monk. My role was primarily to compose music and to implement sound via Unity’s GUI and scripts.

It was made to run in a browser using Unity’s Web Player Plugin which is not really supported anymore so, unfortunately, I can’t share a link for you to try it out. However, here is a short video showing the gameplay:

Sound People

In the spring of 2009, I was involved in the development of an audio installation called Sound People. It was made in collaboration with Sune Hede and Helga Rosenfeldt-Olsen as a part of a course at Aarhus University on interactive audio design . The idea behind the installation is to comment or sonify interpersonal relationships in the public space .
This video is a brief presentation of the installation:

Below, you find our course report about the installation:

sound people thumb


– a sound installation for the (hu)man peeing

In the spring of 2008, I and three of my fellow students developed the concept UrinalBand/FountainOrchestra which is a sound installation located at a urinal. It was first installed in the men’s restroom at Musikhuset Aarhus for Spot Festival in 2008. Later the ‘band’ went on tour visiting Skanderborg Festival (Smukfest) in 2009 and 2010.

With the band as a metaphor, each urinal guest becomes a band member and each urinal an instrument (eg. Drums, bass, vocals etc.) . Our intent with the installation was, in a humorous way, to challenge the many unwritten conventions that exist in public places – in this particular case, the urinal. We did this by sonifying human relations in this place where every relationship is most often avoided.

Unfortunately the installation was mainly accessible to the male sex but some women did manage to find their way in to the men’s room, thus challenging yet another rule of this public space.

My three accomplices were:
Esben Andersen
Mads Stenøj Andresen
Brian Hauge Hansen

This is a primitive mock-up video we made while developing the concept:

Below, you find the report we wrote on the installation:

pissoir band thumb