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Chadwick House prototype

A couple of screenshots from the prototype

In the last part of 2019 and in the first part of 2020, I was the programmer/technician on the development of a prototype version (demo) of a graphic novel puzzle game for mobile devices called Chadwick House.

The demo contains 3 chapters out of 10 + epilogue in the full manuscript, which is written by Boris Hansen. The graphic art is made by Kamila Slocinska and the game is produced by Esben Kjær Ravn and his small company Kong Orange. These 3 creative persons make up the backbone of the project and they are also the creators of the critically acclaimed game Heartbeats – A Galactic Requiem (2014) to which Chadwick House is a successor.

For this prototype of Chadwick house, I was invited to join the team as programmer along with Nicolas Vetterli who has done the audio design and Mikkel Maltesen who has made image sequence animations.

Chadwick House presents a peculiar combination of historic events and sci-fi twists while you play through 10 decades staged in the three-floored American house. Each decade has its own chapter which presents a puzzle. The player must solve the puzzle in order to continue. Solving the puzzles sometimes requires twisting your mind to uncover the fate of the characters.

Text from Kong Orange’s website, where you can read more about Chadwick House.

The project was made with Unity and Wwise.

Unfortunately I can not share a link to the prototype here publicly. But you can contact me or Kong Orange, if you are interested in trying it out or knowing more.